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MARVEL Strike Force Game

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MARVEL Strike Force Game

Marvel Strike Force is the next Role Playing games closed in Marvel Universum. This time Electronic Arts developer, prepare for us some news. Production is free to download the game and is available on mobile devices with both software Android and iOS. Pleasure gameplay, pretty graphics, and popular marvel character is the reason that this game allows to spend a few hours in the day with fun.

Gameplay in the game is really intuitive and simple. From the game start, we have to get the highest rare character with a unique ability, assign them in the team and try to win the hard battle vs other players or stages in the campaign. Each of the characters in the game is inspired by Marvel movies production and have different move, weapon, and skills. Marvel Strike Force battle is in automatic mode. You don’t use the manual keypad for moved or trigger skills but still, have many things to do here. For everyone stages or pvp battle, you need to know other tactics and skill combination for champions in your team.


In the game you will play the story in two other campaign. At the start, battles are very easy to win but with the progress, this will be harder and harder. For every win, you earn special rewards. In rewards case, you can get anything like coins, special materials, character pieces. Pieces of character cards are very important because this is the mainly needed material to get a new champion or upgrade their ability and lvl.


In Marvel Strike Force you can compete also versus another real human player. Assign in team best of your character, think about tactics and try your strength vs another player team.

The game has much fun around the world but has one big negative. That mean – Energy power which is needed to enter every stage. You must wait long hours to respawn this resources when it out or buy it for real money.

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